Ashtanga flow

6pm - 7.30pm

Yoga tribe studio K6
Nordstr. 195

Ashtanga is a dynamic yoga style where the same sequence of postures is practised repeatedly.

This ashtanga flow class will work your stamina and balance as much as your strength and flexibility.

You will receive a lot of hands on adjustments to correct alignment and go deeper into the pose.

The class ends with the ‘finishing sequence’ where you learn to calm your mind and relax the body with deep breathing.

drop-in, all levels.


Strength & flexibility Flow

6pm - 7.30 pm

yoga tribe studio K3

Both, strength and flexibility are required to feel good and healthy in your body.

This class will start with simple movements for one specific body area to effectively stretch and strengthen this muscle group. We will then integrate these movements into a dynamic flow, where we will move more freely from one posture to the next.

The focus of this class is on the sensation or feeling of the postures rather than form and alignment.

drop-in, all levels.



drop-in single class – chf 30
10 class pass (students & kulturlegi) - chf 200
10 class pass (regular) – chf 280