weekly Yoga classes at your office


A yoga class over lunchtime keeps your body healthy and will energise you for the rest of the day. If you prefer, we can also arrange a more relaxing after-work class to calm your minds and relax the body. Get in touch with me and I will customize a class according to your wishes.


Gym or improvised meeting room at your office will do.


The price for a weekly yoga class is fixed and with a minimum duration period of 2 months (trial lesson possible). The cost varies by traveling time and number of people attending the class.

Zurich City (from CHF 150)
Zurich Area (from CHF 200)

host a yoga event with your team

team event

I also offer individualised yoga events for your team. The event can range from a regular yoga class to a four hour yoga workshop with delicious after yoga drinks and snacks.


If you wish a specific theme such as stress reduction and relaxation, we can focus on meditation and breathing exercises. If you are looking for an enhanced team spirit we can create a more fun yoga experience with playful partner exercises. I will be happy to hear your ideas or send you an customized offer.


I can organise a yoga room in Zurich City for up to 30 people or I can meet you at your event space. Outdoors can be a nice option as well.


All material (yoga mats, blocks, straps) will be provided by me if I organise the room. In case of your own event space, you will need to organise your own material.


Please email me for more information.


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