Personal yoga



find out what your needs are

whether you just would like to experience a yoga class in a private setting or you have specific areas you would like to work on - we will find out exactly what is right for you.




make time & stick to it

if you want to see some progress it is essential that you make time for your practice and stick to it. Depending on your level I recommend one to two lessons a week at the beginning. Once you become more familiar with the yoga postures and exercises, the frequency can be reduced.



get a plan designed for you

Adding a personalised plan with simple daily exercises will speed up your progress tremendously. A plan helps to stay consistent and motivated.



find your own practice

my goal is to help you to create awareness for your body and understand what is good for you. Once we have figured out together how to balance your body and mind, you will be able to practice more and more on your own.


ready to start your personal yoga?

Contact me to find a suitable date.


at your home (only Zurich City) or at the yoga tribe studio k3 at Rüdigerstr. 17 in Zurich.

Prices & Packages

Single private lesson – CHF 120
(60 min)

Package A – CHF 550
5 private lessons (5 x 60 min)

Package B – CHF 1200
Personalised plan with weekly exercises to track progress and 10 private lessons (10 x 60 min)