Yoga Workshop


Saturday, october 5

Flexibility Journey –

1.30 PM - 4 PM

Yoga tribe studio K3, Rüdigerstrasse 17

Price: 60 CHF


This Flexibility Journey on hips is the second of a series. More information on the coming workshops will follow soon.

Regular yoga practice will make your body more flexible and is good for your long-term health. It does however take time and sometimes we can feel restricted in yoga postures and therefore not get the whole benefit from our yoga practice. This workshop shall enable you to increase your awareness of your own body and how you can work on imbalances specifically so you can progress faster in your yoga practice and feel healthy, young, and vital.

I Awareness

The main goal of my teaching and this workshop is to increase your understanding of your own body. We will use mobility and flexibility "tests" to examine where your body has imbalances and restrictions in movement.

II Isolation

Having not a naturally flexible body myself, I constantly was (and still am) in search of the most effective way to increase my flexibility and improve my own yoga practice. Flexibility is a life-long journey that needs time and patience, but targeting your weaknesses makes this process more effective and you can track your progress much better, which will keep you motivated in the long run. We will look at specific exercises to increase flexibility and mobility of your hips and which you can do easily at home.

III Integration

In this last part we will integrate everything into a dynamic and fun flow where we will focus more on the sensation (of how a yoga posture feels) rather than the form (how the posture looks).

This workshop is based on my experience from my teaching and my own practice. Having observed so many different bodies and seen their transformations I believe that everybody can transform no matter where you are at and what age you are. My yoga roots lie in ashtanga yoga but I have added so much valuable knowledge from experienced teachers and other disciplines around the globe. I am very much looking forward to share everything I have learned so far.

Places are limited. Please email me ( to reserve a spot. Payment needs to be done in advance to secure a spot. Payment in cash in my classes or twint/bank transfer.